Letter: Not for JALPA

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Letter: Not for JALPA

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Letter: Not for JALPA
Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Dear Editor,

After Air Jamaica pilots and staff announced they would continue their fight for Jamaica's national carrier, I became concerned that it might not necessarily be for the right reason.

It is an obvious move by the pilots and staff as they would be severely criticised if they had not made an effort to do so. But are they truly vested in its acquisition?

First, news of the divestment started well over a year ago and none of these pilots or staff seemed to have come together in an effort to make a proposal. Now, when the signing over seems imminent, they want to "fight"?

Second, "Air Jamaica" and "mismanagement" are two words that are never too far apart. But I do believe the pilots would try assiduously to keep Air Jamaica flying, should they get it. History shows that after a few years or so the same problem would persist. Are they then going to write letters to the government again this time asking for a bailout?

However, allow me to demonstrate at least some form of patriotism by saying how much I would love for Jamaica to keep our airline soaring, but it is sad to say it's time she flies “South”. The facts are simple: Jamaica was given a 2009 rank of 3.0 by Transparency International (on a scale of 0-10 where zero represents the highest level of corruption).

When we as a nation not only stamp out corruption and mismanagement but are also truly interested in having our own carrier, then we will be ready to start again.

To Air J staff, I say you are making a bold statement, but your intentions are unclear and your timing is not convincing. To the government I say, let Air Jamaica soar; when she is ready, she will fly right back.

Rohan Wright
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