Incident: Jetblue A321 near Bermuda on Mar 10th 2018

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Incident: Jetblue A321 near Bermuda on Mar 10th 2018

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Incident: Jetblue A321 near Bermuda on Mar 10th 2018, cargo smoke indication
Simon Hradecky
Sunday, Mar 11th 2018

A Jetblue Airbus A321-200, registration N905JB performing flight B6-1468 from Punta Cana (Dominican Republic) to New York JFK,NY (USA) with 207 people on board, was enroute at FL320 about 160nm southwest of Bermuda (Bermuda) when the crew declared emergency reporting a cargo smoke indication.

The crew decided to divert to Bermuda. On the way to Bermuda the crew advised that everything looked normal again, they would roll to the end of the runway and vacate the runway there, then stop and request emergency services to check the aircraft from the outside with thermal imaging, and once the emergency services would give the thumbs up, they'd continued to taxi to the apron, have the passengers disembark, and once all passengers are off the cargo door should be opened for inspection.

The aircraft landed safely on Bermuda's runway 30 about 30 minutes after reporting the cargo smoke indication. The aircraft taxied to the apron following first examination, the passenger disembarked normally.

A replacement A321-200 registration N903JB was dispatched to Bermuda, continued the flight and reached New York with a delay of 7 hours.

The occurrence aircraft departed Bermuda as flight B6-6100 to New York JFK about 5 hours after landing.

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