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Your descriptions of how things were, of how things are, of outstanding people, places or major events that touched your life... For the enlightenment of current and future pilots - and please keep your posts POSITIVE.
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Please read: Format you should follow for adding entries...

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Subject line: A brief descriptive sentence

"The day Hurricane Hugo tore up Guadeloupe"

Body text:
"Your narrative, in your own words."

Conditions of posting:

*1. Please have someone spell-check and grammar-check the narrative for you before posting it (- or proof and edit the post very soon afterwards).

*2. After posting, the Administrator may make corrections for readability - or even deletions - where necessary.

*3. Please stick to the facts, and explain theories that were generally accepted at the time - as well as whether they were proven wrong at a later date!

*4. Most narratives welcome - they do not have to be tragic or negative. Narratives of POSITIVE events are preferred!!

*5. Whenever you can provide a learning experience for others, please do so.

Thank you for your participation.
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