Government wants information on DAE through Korpodeko

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Government wants information on DAE through Korpodeko

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The Government wants to get information on DAE through Korpodeko
Steven Martina
Fri, May 17th, 2013


Assuming its responsibility as Government and Minister accountable for Korpodeko, Minister Steven Martina indicated that he will ask questions on DAE’s situation through the Government’s bank, Korpodeko. This is because Korpodeko has injected money in the company on three occasions to keep it floating. Seeing that it is a client, he doesn’t want to divulgate how much money Korpodeko has injected up until now in DAE.

Minister Martina has answered the above asked question based on the questions ask on DAE’s problems in Venezuela, and that they are not able to transport their passengers back to Venezuela.

Minister Martina said that with this incident, Curacao will not get a “beauty reward”. Curacao and the responsible Ministries have to start monitoring the situation. He’s sure that Minister Balborda will investigate the decision made by the Venezuelan authorities and if Curacao cannot land in Venezuela than we will have to see if they can land here or not.

We must investigate to see if they are complying with the necessary rules so to take actions based on these.

It’s now up to the local authorities to do their investigation to see what is actually happening, because now this situation is disastrous for Curacao. Tourism is an important sector for Curacao and it has to be taken care of.

Here he has certain authority to ask question about DAE’s operations through Korpodeko which is DAE’s investor. The Government has to ask questions to understand the future projections of the company, how healthy the company is, what its financial projections are and what can be done to prevent incidents like these to ever happen again. Through that role Minister Martina can assume its responsibility to get answers on questions about DAE and to set a position on how to continue.

Furthermore, Minister Martina continued saying that there are no legal instruments to force DAE to take care of the stranded passengers. But it’s DAE’s social obligation that when its passengers cannot return to their homes, because the flights were canceled or suspended, it has to take care of them.

Tourism Bureau in Curacao started looking at different possibilities to help the stranded passengers, but it has to be cautious not to mingle with other people’s problems and start a precedent and will have to do it for other companies too. It’s a delicate situation, according to the Minister.

The question about the 350 jobs at DAE, Minister Martina said that it’s the Government’s responsibility to help if a company is in trouble, but it has to be rational.

It can’t be that the Government must help a company, through its bank, which is not worth it. That is why questions were asked and he wants to know what the financial projections are, strategic plans, business feasibility and let specialized professionals analyze the situation before the Government can take action. Because once the Government takes actions it has to be a responsible one.

It can’t be that the government will take action knowing that it’s not worth it. On the other hand, it’s the Government responsibility to help and preserve jobs. That is why when making decisions it has to be analyzed, well documented, Minister Martina concluded.

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