Balborda: Solution must come from DAE

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Balborda: Solution must come from DAE

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Balborda: Solution must come from DAE
Friday, 17 May 2013


Minister of Traffic, Transport and Regional Planning, Earl Balborda (PNP), informed the Amigoe that he wrote a letter to airline company DAE, pointing our its responsibilities. He stated the government of Curaçao does not intend to seek a conflict with Venezuela. As from this week DAE is no longer permitted to land in Venezuela.The Venezuelan aviation authority Inac decided this based on matters revealed by two investigations. One regards the fact that a mechanic working in Venezuela doesn’t have the right license, according to Balborda. “That in itself is a serious violation.”

Last Wednesday DAE stated to hope for support from the government of Curaçao to oppose the decision of the Inac and institute legal proceedings. However, according to Minister Balborda, it is not customary that governments discuss such issues. “This must not become a problem between Curaçao and Venezuela and we will do everything to prevent that. DAE has the right to institute legal proceedings but I don’t think it will yield any results.”

As a result of the ban imposed by the Inac several passengers for Venezuela were stranded at Hato the past days. “DAE actually uses Curaçao as hub between Miami and Venezuela, and between St. Domingo and Venezuela. DAE can continue to do so as yet”, said the minister. “DAE only needs to make an agreement with InselAir or one of the other airline companies flying to Venezuela. They have an obligation to fly their passengers to their destination.” Airline company InselAir already flew 70 passengers from DAE last Wednesday to Valencia (Venezuela) for a very low price and deployed a larger aircraft. “InselAir is still prepared to fly passengers providing good agreements are made”, said Balborda.


Also Balborda’s colleague Minister of Economic Development, Steven Martina (Pais), said he is concerned about the situation with DAE. He announced to ask development bank Korpodeko several questions. The latter is actually economic owner of the airline company considering several overdue loans to DAE. “The Venezuelan market is one of the most important sources of turnover for DAE”, Martina said on being asked. Therefore, it would be good to gain insight into DAE’s plans for the future, the possible impact of the current situation on the economy and the plans on the current circumstances”, said the minister. On possible effects for the tourism on Curaçao, Martina said the situation could have an affect on the ‘branding’ of Curaçao. “In any case it is not positive.”

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