Tiara Air Aruba shut down

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Tiara Air Aruba shut down

Unread post by bimjim » Sat May 10, 2014

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Tiara Air Aruba shut down
Jan Fernandez
March 22 2014

Tiara Air Aruba was shut down by the Aruban government due to its bad financial situation.

Tiara Air was founded in 2006, and for most of its life operated Shorts 360 and Saab 340 aircraft. In 2012, their first jet aircraft, a 737-300, joined the fleet.

However, Tiara hasn't had a good time in the past few months. Back in November, they were on the verge of suspending their operations — had they not been given a million dollars, the airline would have done so right then. However, its financial problems continue.

One of the main sources of its problems and likely the main reason that it was shut down was the problem in Venezuela. The airline has not been able to get its money from there, which is one of its most important markets. Along with most of the other airlines, Tiara reduced the amount of seats to the country, and by 78% — more than any other carrier.

The Department of Civil Aviation sent a letter on Thursday revoking the carrier's AOC, or air operator's certificate, which allows them to operate. Tiara asked for three more months to convince the court that it could make money, but that will be difficult if it is unable to fly.

The airline'swebsite <http://tiara-air.com/>is also unavailable; apparently the airline decided to deny all access to it. Flights are no longer in the reservation system, either.

A Boeing 737-400 was supposed to join the fleet in the near future, but with the shutdown, it appears that that will no longer happen.

Tiara served nine destinations from Oranjestad, with plans for more. Insel Air, which has a hub in Aruba, will likely grow as a result of Tiara's shutdown.

UPDATE March 27: We have received a confirmation that an email sent to Tiara Air Aruba on March 22 asking for comment on the shutdown was read. Tiara has not responded to the email.

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