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http://www.pprune.org/caribbean-latin-a ... aruba.html


Be careful with this airline , if you go there make sure that you have a contract ,they will get you a work permit and then tax you ,offer is 6000 USD plus aptment car and a pay raise but the truth is that all this will be gone as the pilot gets the permit NET SALARY 4300 USD and the island is very expensive.

Days off are always violated and to leave them will be a problem ,they will fire you for not providing a ref letter .

The 737-300 is in bad shape you will be doing 13 hrs duty to fly 2 hrs A DAY and unlimited landings .Management is brutal and dishonest , you will have to leave quietly after you collect your salary otherwise NO MONEY ,WORKED FOR FREE.

BEWARE WHEN FLYING THIS OLD JUNK , if hrs are needed plan 6 months and just GO!!!!!!

All this happened to all expats and still they want to fly they will sound nice & FRIENDLY BUT THEY ARE NOT !!!! BE CAREFULL AND GOOD LUCK!!!
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