[Review, Caribbean Airlines] “Every flght was late!”

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[Review, Caribbean Airlines] “Every flght was late!”

Unread post by bimjim » Tue Jan 23, 2018

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[Review, Caribbean Airlines] “Every flght was late!”
Tammy A, Newark, Delaware
22 January, 2018

In Dec 2017 we took multiple flights on this airline as part of a birthday Celebration. The first leg of the flight was from NY to Trinidad. The weather was bad, so when we left a hour late due to the plane having to be de-iced, I wrote that off as the weather.

The problem was we had a connecting flight to St. Lucia & we had to go thru customs and claim out bags to get to the connecting flight. Our friends bags were lost, which no one seemed to care about, which almost caused us to miss the connecting flight. There is only 1 flight per day, so the luggage didn't arrive until the next day.

The next flight was from St Lucia to Trinidad which is only a 1 hour flight but the plane was over an hour late. Their are no announcements and the gate people don't arrive until the plane lands, so there is no one to get a status. This delay caused an issue with our ground transportation, when we arrived in Trinidad.

The next flight was from Trinidad to Tobago for a day trip. These flights are suppose to leave every 40 mins. and our flight was over an hour late. We had to wait for the plane that was in the gate, leave go to Tobago and come back! We had a tour scheduled and this caused us to miss over an hour of our tour.

Again going back to Trinidad the plane was over an hour late. The last flight was from Trinidad back to NY. This was a late night flight and after spending our last day in Trinidad, the last thing we wanted was sit in an airport, but you guessed it, the flight was over an hour late. Every flight was late, and for the staff is was like business as usual!

3 Seat comfort
2 Customer service (e.g. attitude, care, helpfulness)
3 Cleanliness
3 Food and Beverage
3 Legroom
3 In-flight entertainment (WiFi, TV, films)
3 Value for money
3 Check-in and Boarding (e.g. efficiency, service at gate)

Thanks Tammy A

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