More Caribbean Airlines flights for stranded passengers

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More Caribbean Airlines flights for stranded passengers

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More CAL flights for stranded passengers
Thursday, February 15, 2018

Caribbean Airlines moved yesterday to pick up the slack and ensure that passengers travelling between Trinidad and Tobago did not experience unnecessary delays because of the problems on the seabridge.

The airline said it was working closely with the Port Authority and priority was being given to passengers disrupted by the cancellation of the sailing of the lone passenger ferry on the seabridge, the T&T Express.

For the period February 14 to 16, CAL said it increased capacity on the domestic airbridge by 28 flights, providing a further 2,764 seats to facilitate inter-island travellers.

Yesterday from as early as 7 am the airline provided 16 additional flights, each of which facilitated 68 passengers travelling between the islands.

The airline’s first of five additional flights on the schedule today was at 2.40 am from Port-of-Spain to Tobago. Those flights were a mix of ATRs and jets accommodating between 68 and 154 passengers. Seven additional flights are scheduled for tomorrow and Friday starting at 12.40 am. Each of those flights has the capacity for 154 passengers.

These flights, according to CAL, are for passengers with confirmed ferry tickets, and the airline says the schedule can be adjusted based on demand.

All passengers holding confirmed ferry tickets must first check in at the Port and be processed there prior to accessing the PTSC shuttles provided for transport to the airports.

CAL says only passengers who have checked in at the relevant sea-port terminals will be considered for flights to and from Tobago.

Scores of nationals who visited Tobago for the Carnival weekend were facilitated by Caribbean Airlines because of problems which forced the cancellation of the T&T Express last week.

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