[Trinidad] Caribbean Airlines adds plane to airbridge

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[Trinidad] Caribbean Airlines adds plane to airbridge

Unread post by bimjim » Sat Mar 17, 2018

http://www.guardian.co.tt/news/2018-03- ... -airbridge

[Trinidad] CAL adds plane to airbridge
Rhondor Dowlat
Saturday, March 17, 2018

A Caribbean Airlines (CAL) aircraft that will be put as an addition to its airbridge fleet is expected to arrive this weekend.

According to CAL’s head of corporate communications, Dionne Ligoure, the aircraft will operate daily and will provide 1,088 extra seats.

Over 400 ferry passengers have been accommodated in CAL flights in the first two days of its collaborative effort.

This was confirmed by the T&T Inter-Island Transportation Company’s Manager, Marketing & Public Relations Vilma Lewis–Cockburn.

In a release, Lewis-Cockburn noted that on Tuesday 195 ferry passengers were flown from Port-of-Spain to Tobago while 100 were put on flights from Tobago to Port-of-Spain.

On Wednesday, 52 passengers were accommodated on flights to Tobago, while 112 were brought to Piarco.

Speaking with the T&T Guardian very briefly during a telephone conversation, Lewis-Cockburn said “operations are running good at this time.”

“The Port Authority is grateful to Caribbean Airlines for accommodating all persons with confirmed ferry tickets at this time,” Lewis-Cockburn stated in the release.

A video released to social media yesterday showed vehicles still parked in the Cabo Star cargo vessel at the Port-of-Spain Port. A male voice narrated that the vehicles were unable to be driven out upon docking of the vessel yesterday morning by its respective drivers as they were still awaiting on standby for flights to Port-of-Spain from Tobago.

CAL issued a release yesterday giving a breakdown of domestic operations for Thursday:

It said:
  • • The total number of flights operated: 40
    • The total number of seats provided: 2,892
    • Total number of confirmed ferry passengers transported: 268
    • Actual number of passengers carried 2,653 of this figure 1,286 were stand-by passengers
It said by the end of yesterday, it was projected that 48 flights will operate, providing 3,436 seats.

Today 36 flights will operate, providing 2,448 seats and tomorrow there will be 44 flights, with 3,300 seats.

Ligoure reiterated that its domestic operations have been enhanced to support the number of passengers affected by the disruption of the ferry service, “and to reinforce its regular schedule on the air bridge.”

“The airline continues to operate its core schedule and is also adding seats daily to facilitate seamless travel between T&T,” she added.

The Port Authority and the airline are expected to continue its collaboration until March 22 to ensure that persons holding confirmed ferry tickets are accommodated on CAL flights.

The Port Authority’s representatives also remain posted at both the Piarco International Airport and the ANR Robinson International Airport from 7 am to 7 pm to assist customers.


To access air travel with the confirmed ferry ticket, customers are advised to use the following process:
  • • Step 1–Confirmed Ferry ticket in hand
    • Step 2– Check in at airports
    • Passengers only–Go directly to the Caribbean Airlines Domestic Counter and present Ferry ticket- Valid photo ID required
    • Passengers with vehicle–Check in at PoS or Scarborough Passenger Terminal
    • Place vehicle on Cabo Star–Berth #3, Dock Road, PoS or vehicle area at Port of Scarborough
    • Access PTSC bus at GSS PoS or Scarborough Passenger Terminal
    • Check–in at Piarco or ANR International Airport
    • Step 3– Airport await flights to/from Tobago
    • Step 4–Boarding
    • Step 5–Arrival at destination

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